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About us

Our story

The Rugby Coach was founded in May 2017. 


We have a love for rugby and a passion for coaching young people.


We are a collective of coaches based in Surrey, Kent & Sussex who provide high quality coaching to support young and aspiring rugby players to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the game. We adopt a player-centred philosophy which challenges our players to learn, develop and achieve beyond the rugby pitch. We encourage every player to be the best you can be.


We offer a range of rugby coaching services including rugby camps,  private coaching, birthdays, community rugby projects and CPD courses for schools and clubs.


Our unique approach to rugby coaching uses innovative coaching methods and equipment to create positive learning environments for players to flourish.


Our outstanding coaching team is made up of innovative, engaging and professional coaches with a wealth of rugby experience. We work closely with the RFU and Surrey Rugby to promote the core values of rugby and the CARDS philosophy.


​ We have the ability to develop the player, build the team and achieve the goal.

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Private Rugby Coaching
Private Rugby Coaching

Our philosophy

Our rugby camps provide a player-centred environment where players are given opportunities to learn, develop and achieve. Our main focus is to support players to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. We have a great emphasis towards challenging players to flourish beyond the rugby pitch and to be the best they can be.

Our player development philosophy has a strong emphasis on communication, decision making and organisation, as we feel these are vital life skills both in rugby and the wider world. We promote the core values of rugby and reward fair play and sportsmanship.



Core values



We provide players with team building and leadership opportunities to develop their social skills.


We encourage players to work collaboratively with others and lead independently, which can push players outside of their comfort zone. This challenges players to tackle obstacles which they didn’t believe they could achieve, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Our philosophy


Our player-centred approach

Our player-centred approach

Our delivery style is active, engaging and game-based with a strong emphasis on skill development.


We advocate the Principles of Play (World Rugby), CARDS delivery style (England Rugby) and encourage all players to perform all skills, regardless of position.

Core values of rugby

Credit: Rugby Ready, World Rugby

We devote great time and resources into planning high quality sessions. We adopt a liberal approach to coaching where there is no right or wrong style of play. We encourage players to trial and error different styles of play and facilitate players to discover solutions to problems and learn through mistakes. We promote curiosity and questioning to stimulate learning.

Rugby Skills








Decision making

Credit: England Rugby/RFU

What we do

We offer bespoke rugby coaching opportunities, tailored to meet your needs:


  • Rugby Birthdays

  • Rugby Coaching Workshops for Clubs & Schools

  • Rugby Development Consultancy for Clubs & Schools

Our services

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High quality rugby coaching developing hybrid players of the future


The Rugby Coach Ltd

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