Rugby Skills Academy

High quality rugby coaching developing hybrid players of the future

  • Weekly training sessions to develop technical skills, game understanding & fitness

  • Different themes each week covering fundamental skills e.g. passing, kicking, evasion etc

  • Fun, engaging & competitive sessions

  • Develops self-confidence, creativity, decision making & resilience

  • Outstanding coaches (RFU  Level 2+ & enhanced-DBS)

  • £60 for 6-weeks of coaching (£10 per weekly session)

Our locations

Beckenham (Langley Park Boys) - Mondays

07/06/21 to 19/07/21

U10 to U11 - 6pm to 7pm

U12 to U14 - 7pm to 8pm

Crawley RFC - Wednesdays

09/06/21 to 14/07/21

U11 to U12 - 6.30pm to 7.30pm

U13 to U14 - 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Warlingham RFC - Thursdays

10/06/21 to 15/07/21

U10 to U11 - 6pm to 7pm

U12 to U14 - 7pm to 8pm

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-_20210413_Children playing rugby at the rugby coach's camps_IMG_9611
Private Rugby Coaching
Private Rugby Coaching

Rugby Skills Academy


Our Rugby Skills Academy gives players the weekly opportunity to improve their technical skills, game understanding and fitness increasing self-confidence, creativity, decision making & resilience


What is included?

  • 1 hour of technical rugby skills coaching per week (6 week blocks)

  • Improve your technical skills

  • Improve your game understanding

  • Improve your rugby-specific fitness

  • Receive high quality feedback to improve your performance (1 coach for 10 players)

  • Photos & videos of Rugby Skills Academy training (parent/guardian consent required)​

A typical session format (1 hour)

  • Warm up - 5 mins

  • Strength & conditioning to improve components of fitness e.g. speed - 10 mins

  • Learning skills in isolation e.g. grubber kick - 15 mins

  • Applying these skills into competitive situations under pressure - 30 minutes

What is the cost?

£10 per session (1 hour of training per week).

Our Rugby Skills Academy is organised into a programme for 6-weeks (to ensure sustainable progress)

The total cost is £60 (£10 x 6 weeks)

Payment must be made via BACS before the first session

What do I need to bring/prepare?


  • Bring a personal drinks bottle to keep you hydrated (ideally water)​

  • Wear boots & trainers (to suit the variable terrain)

  • Wear a mouth guard during rugby activities

  • Wear suitable sports clothing for outdoor sessions including rain jacket for wet weather (no jeans)

  • Bring a personal towel to wipe sweat

  • Bring medication for any personal medical needs e.g. asthma pump & epi-pen etc 

  • We recommend that you eat sufficient food 2+ hours before your training to ensure that you have enough energy to perform (ideally complex carbohydrates). We advise not to eat snacks during the session. Please do not bring any food that contains nuts as some player may have severe allergies

  • We advise that you wear a face mask to wear for drop off/pick up


More information about our Rugby Skills Academy

  • Our training sessions run for 1 hour. Please arrive 5 minutes early at the start

  • Players must register at the start with the coaching team

  • Players should arrive ready changed for the session (no changing facilities)

  • Players must abide by our code of conduct to promote a positive coaching environment

  • Players are to take full responsibility for their own valuables. We do not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged valuables

  • Please note that we may take photos and videos during the training sessions which may be shared online including social media. Consent or non-consent for your child "to be included in photos and videos during training sessions, which may be used for promotion and/or advertising" is included in our online booking form. We will abide by your decision regarding photo and video consent

  • Players must sign out with the coaching team at the end of the session. Parental consent must be provided in the booking form allowing the player to travel home independently at the end

  • Family members may observe the training sessions but must stay socially distanced at all times

Other information

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Rugby Skills Academy by The Rugby Coach_IMG_5149
Rugby Skills Academy by The Rugby Coach_IMG_4250
Private Rugby Coaching
-_20210413_Children playing rugby at the rugby coach's camps_IMG_9611

HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY (COVID-19) - Updated 20/12/20

Click here to download our full Health and Safety Policy (COVID-19)

UK Government guidance towards participating in Rugby Union

On 20th December 2020 we have been placed into Tier 4 in response to COVID-19. The government guidance enables us to provide "organised outdoor rugby activities for under 18s". 

England Rugby guidance towards participating in Rugby Union

We are currently in Stage E of the England Rugby Return to Rugby Roadmap, which allows 'Adapted Contact Training & Fixtures' provided strong hand hygiene is adhered to. More information regarding Stage E can be read here – Return to Rugby Stage E - A Guide to Adapted Contact Rugby Activity.

Return to Rugby Roadmap - Stage E.png

Our guidelines in response to COVID-19

The health, safety & wellbeing of our players and coaches is our priority.  

We will follow the health & safety measures for all Rugby Skills Academy sessions, in addition to our usual standards of best practice outlined in our safeguarding and risk assessment policies.

Health and safety protocols:


  • Any underlying health conditions of the player must be declared on the online booking form by the parent/guardian including asthma and/or allergies.

  • A register of players, parents and coaches will be maintained to support with Track & Trace process.

  • All sessions will be hosted outside on grass (boots & trainers advised depending on weather/terrain).

  • Stringent hand washing hygiene must be adhered to throughout the sessions. The players and coach must wash hands using hand sanitiser before, during (every 15 minutes) and after the session. Hand sanitiser will be provided for players during the sessions. 

  • All equipment must be cleaned rigorously using disinfectant before and after use.

  • Social distancing of 2m+ between the players, parents and coach.

  • No face-to-face or physical contact including shaking hands or huddles.

  • Players must come ready for the sessions (no changing facilities).

  • Players must bring their own bag and drinks bottle (no sharing of personal belongings).

  • Players must take responsibility for their own valuables. 

  • We encourage the use of towels to wipe sweat during breaks.

  • First Aid to be administered in an emergency using gloves & mask.


These health and safety guidelines will ensure the safe delivery of rugby activities for our players and coaches. 


Click here to download our full Health and Safety Policy (COVID-19), which includes this information:

- Government guidelines towards participation in Rugby Union - Tier 4 (20/12/20)

- England Rugby guidelines towards participation in Rugby Union - Stage E of Return to Rugby Roadmap

- The Rugby Coach - Our guidelines in response to COVID-19

- Symptoms or a positive test result for COVID-19 (players, coach and/or household)


Additional information

The Rugby Coach

Player Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Policy
First Aid Policy

Refund Policy

Health & Safety Policy (COVID-19)

England Rugby documents

Safeguarding Children
Age Grade Codes of Practice

Player Welfare (Rugby Safe)


Additional information


Booking confirmation - You will receive a booking confirmation by email from once your booking form has been submitted.

Payment - Payment must be made via BACS after the booking form has been submitted.

Offers - 10% off when you book 2 or more players from the same family (friends do not qualify for this discount). Please deduct 10% off your payment via BACS for 2 or more siblings.


Coupon codes - Please make sure that any coupon codes are entered in CAPITAL letters. Coupon codes entered in lower case will not be recognised

Currency - All bookings must be made in pound sterling (£)

Delivery Policy - There are no delivery charges for bookings made for our Rugby Skills Academy

Accepted payment methods

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High quality rugby coaching developing hybrid players of the future


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