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  • Ed Swainson

30 Day Rugby Challenge (adult)

We've created a free 30 day rugby challenge for you to complete at home.

30 Day Rugby Challenge

The aim of our rugby challenge is to have fun, keep players connected and nostalgic about rugby during lockdown. All of the daily challenges are easy to complete on social media mostly involving tagging team mates, sharing music, photos and videos.

To complete the 30 day rugby challenge, simply download the challenge (PDF or JPG files below) which provide the daily challenges to complete. Post a photo of the challenge daily, followed by the action e.g. “Tag 3 rugby mates”, “Favourite Rugby Photo etc. Tag friends, link music, photos or videos to make your content fun!

We hope that you enjoy completing the 30 day rugby challenge and that it gets you excited for the return of rugby (whenever that may be).

Please tag @therugbycoach in your photos & videos for us to share.

Instagram - @therugbycoach


Twitter - @TheRugbyCoach_

Enjoy and share!

30 Day Rugby Challenge Adults
Download PDF • 26KB


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